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Professional Teacher Training Course for Body Repair in Vocational Colleges

Recently, in order to assist vocational colleges to improve the professional teaching level of body repair professional teachers, accelerate the construction of double-qualified teachers in vocational colleges, better cultivate high-quality technical and skilled talents, and meet the demand of the automobile repair industry for high-quality skilled talents, Pentium Automotive Vocational Training School and Wuxi Automotive Engineering Higher Vocational and Technical School held a training class for body repair professional teachers.

This training mainly includes the disassembly and adjustment of typical body parts, the repair technology of body outer covering parts, the welding technology of body, the replacement technology of body structural parts, the measurement and correction technology of body, and the manual manufacturing of metal parts, etc., which are involved in the body repair discipline. The content basically covers the main work content of automobile sheet metal. In addition, this training is a combination of online and offline training, with professional teachers from 21 schools participating in the study.

Through this centralized training, professional teachers can effectively learn more about the automobile sheet metal industry, further improve their practical teaching ability, and help the development of the body repair specialty in colleges and universities to a new level.

Post time: Feb-14-2023