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Heavy Duty Lift Delivery in April, 2023

In April, 2023, MAXIMA delivered one set of heavy duty platform lift to Israel. In the container, there are also some heavy duty column lifts. These are all ordered by Israel army. This is the 15th set of heavy duty platform lift delivered to Israel army. The long-term cooperation proves MAXIMA lift quality and after-sale service.

MAXIMA Heavy Duty Platform Lift adopts unique hydraulic vertical lifting system and high-precision balance control device to ensure perfect synchronization of the hydraulic cylinders and smooth lifting up and down. Platform Lift is applicable to assembly, maintain, repair, change oil and wash different commercial vehicles (city bus, passenger vehicle and middle or heavy truck ).

Over 30 sets of heavy duty platform lift delivered to different countries all over the world. After more than 6 years daily usage, the quality and performance have been upgraded several times. Now the MAXIMA heavy duty platform lift and the global top brand lift can be shoulder to shoulder.

MAXIMA will keep finding more smart design, high quality, easy operation, and easy maintenance in the near future. We aim to build the global quality and design benchmark. You are welcome to visit our factory and operate the lift by your hand. And you suggestions will be appreciated and help MAXIMA to grow better.

If any interest or inquiry, please just contact with us.

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Post time: Apr-18-2023